Unisex Top Fragrances

Pure Perfume Oils has a wide range of gender neutral perfume oils that are best suited to express who you are to others. Our most loved and top unisex fragrances are categorized under the following categories: Flavors, Musks, Woods, Roses, Fruits, Earthy, Flowers, and Fresh. Here are the Top 10 hottest selling pure perfume oils right now:
· Egyptian Musk
· Anointed
· Red Rose
· Gardenia
· Vanilla
· China Rain
· Black Coconut
· Nag Champa
· Arabian Sandalwood
· Patchouli

“Flavors” fragrances include:

Almond, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Peppermint those are seductive, spicy, or refreshing.

“Woods” fragrances consisting of:

Eucalyptus, (Arabian, Egyptian, and Indian) Sandalwood, Oud (Agarwood), Cedar, Amber and Amber White that exude ones confidence, authenticity and sophistication.

“Flowers” fragrances include:

Honeysuckle, Lavenders from Paris and Great Britain, Jasmine, Gardenia, Plumeria (Frangipani), Green and Mediterranean Lotus, Neroli, Violet, Carnation, Lilac, Orange Blossom, and Ylang Ylang. Every flower that is listed above ignites one's senses in their own unique way; from reducing stress and tensions that you are presently dealing with to unlocking your heightened desires and passions.

“Fruits” fragrances consisting of:

Bergamot, Mango, Dewberry, Black and Tortuga Coconut, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Cucumber Melon, Blackberry, Grapefruit and Spanish Verbena Lemon that uplift your mood with dynamic energy and ultimate freshness.

“Earthy” Fragrances:

Earthy Fragrances of Patchouli, Myrrh and Frankincense, Anointed,

Kush, Dragonsblood, Patchouli Amber, Nag Champa, Lemongrass, Clove, Rosemary, Blue Nile and Pheromones release their own special aromatic spiritual tendencies through your whole body and soul will enhancing one's inner and outer overall health.

“Roses” fragrances consisting of:

Red Rose, Arabian White Rose, Somalia Rose, Ombre Rose, Tuberose and Tea Rose express the true measure of elegance, romance and luxury.

“Musks” fragrances consisting of:

Egyptian Musk, White Musk, Jovan Musk, Aphrodisia Musk, Baby Powder Musk, Pearl 24KT Musk, African Musk Nubian Musk, Indian Musk, Night Queen Musk, Oriental Musk, Skin Musk and Vanilla Egyptian Musk release animalistic and seductive tendencies to the person who wears it.

"Fresh" fragrances consisting of:

China Rain and Atlantic Ocean unleash a refreshing sense of calm and serenity to the one that is wearing it.

For over 30 years, Pure Perfume Oils has the distinction for having the best selection of the “Highest Quality” Unisex perfume oils at the best affordable prices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and around the world.

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