One of the most famous proverbs that Americans hold dear is “Stop and Smell The Roses”. The inducing scent of roses encourages you to stop what you are doing; just clear your mind and appreciate what is around you. Even the Roman Emperors were so fond of the aroma of the Rose floral family that they would pour natural rose petals into their bathing water.

Rose fragrance oils are used in most of the top Designer fragrances around the world. Roses are normally used as the Heart or Top note in the creation of a fragrance. Roses are known for their exceptional beauty and their intoxicating scents.

“Red Roses” are the symbol of romance and love no matter what part of the world you are from.
Roses have defied the test of time as one of the most used in the Perfume Industry.

"Roses" fragrances consist of:

Arabian Rose, Tuberose, Tea Rose, Somalian Rose, Red Rose, and Ombre Rose.

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